Monday, January 11, 2010

I strongly feel that all senior high school students should view this blog before they graduate from High School.  Have a watch and see if you agree.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new

The skies were clear, and the explorer was in a state of peace. It was time to review her travels to date, and to bring her vessel up to spec - "shipshape" as they say.

She spent the afternoon reviewing her journal entries, adding special links and descriptive details to her previous posts using the blogging link tool and SnapShot. She wasn't sure how some of the tools would affect her Captain's log, but they were worth a try anyway. A bit of rearranging of the widgets and gadgets might also make the Blog run more smoothly, she thought, and so it was done.

She finished tidying her vessel with a TwitStamp, which, to her delight, came in so many colours! At the end of the day, the explorer decided to share a photo that she found in the blogosphere. She thought that this photo was a great example of WCYDWT - translation: What Can You Do With This? She thought it could inspire some wonderful lessons on the diameters, radii and circumference of circles in her mathematics lessons back in her homeland of Edutopia!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Charting the Lands

The explorer is finding her way, learning the language and ways of Cyberia, exploring and charting the vast, varied, and valuable tools of the web 2.0 lands that she visits. As she woke with the morning sun rising over the horizon, it dawned on her that she was coming to know this world of Cyberia, to understand the powers it influence, mentor, and lead her people. She felt semi-fluent, enough to communicate with fellow journeymen from around the world, and even to invite new shipmates to join her along the way.

The map through the blogosphere, initially void of information, was beginning to bloom with the locations of previously undiscovered waters, islands, and tribes from around the land - the purpose of the voyage becoming ever more apparent and exciting. With all of this now chartered territory, the intrepid explorer understands her role in this journey. She is creating new connections between her prior duty, as a 'filler of vessels' to her impending role as a champion to the underdog, leader of the gifted, providing opportunities using the tools of the Web 2.0 land to unleash passions, untap minds, and showcase talents of her disciples.

The explorer passed the day in the land of animoto, where she creatively recorded in the Captain's log her new understandings using audio, video, and written methods--and the indigenous people of the animoto tribe even put her work to music!

She has come so far in such a short time, and yet there is much to be discovered. But this explorer needs no more convincing..... the wold of Cyberia, the blogosphere, and the newly discovered trade tools of web 2.0 were here to stay!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

The explorer was beginning to feel confident and excited on this voyage through the blogosphere! During the short period where her ship floated idly in the waters of cyberia, she took a few moments to take stock of the gifts, words of advice, and directions that fellow blogosphere travelers offered.

Without realising, the explorer found herself sitting on a veritable bounty of treasure! In her treasure chest, Screenr, Vodpod, Flickr, Clustrmaps, Twitter feeds and so much more were icons waiting to be coveted and exploited. As she polished these treasures and displayed them proudly on her Captains web 2.0 Learning Blog, she reflected on the wonderful digital mentors who gave her these gifts. There was @tasteach Queen of the Student Blogging Challenge in the distant isle of Tasmania, @lasic, a wizened journeyman and Moodle expert from the same region as herself, @AngelaMaiers, of the 'habitudes' tribe and gdavis from the @RepublicofMath. And the explorer could not forget @busynessgirl, of the Muskegon people who as a fellow mathemagician not only helped her to set course in the right direction, but to leave no mess behind as she went!

Bright skies and all clear ahead - the journey continues. Stay tuned for more.........

P.S. If you or someone you know is a web 2.0 novice like me, send them my way! I am having a lot of fun with this! You can find me on twitter at jjfreo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Waylaid Once again!

Or in the words of the explorer, the voyage through Web 2.0 was proving arduous at best. Steering clear of the spammer reefs, detouring to those enticing tropical new blogs which draw the explorer in with the promise of visual snacks, animated apps, and smooth,clean layouts. Hours are lost on these detours, delaying the so longed-for arrival at the destination of web 2.0 proficiency. And yet, each detour also brings new surprises - meetings with digital natives, new friends, connections, comments, and the sharing of gifts.

Back on the waters of web 2.0 cyberia, the explorer continued on her quest to acquire knowledge and skills enough to interface competently with these new and yet to be discovered web 2.0 natives. On these high seas she was battling to declutter her cyberjunk, update her profiles, while still maintaining the true course to Native Cyberia. Alas, tragically, the journey has encountered an obstacle - the explorer's crew had somehow ploughed through the gigabytes that fuelled the vessel, which currently lies adrift, in the waters off cyberia.

Stay tuned for the next episode when the explorer once again fuels her vessel......

A Visit to YouTubia

While continuing her voyage on the high seas of Cyberia, navigating the waters of the blogosphere, the explorer reflected on her limited previous experience with the seas.....those were the good ole days, surfing the waters of YouTubia, catching the video fish in the water, watching some swim, capturing others to share with her family for the evening meal, and throwing others back in the water - not quite up to her high standards.

One video did capture her fancy, despite a bit of vulgar language of the dialogue. Its message was true - and it mirrored her own personal reasons for embarking on her journey in the first place.

Finding Your One Thing